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Arvensis Perennials is a trade nursery specialising in peat-free herbaceous perennials, grasses and ferns.

We supply garden designers, gardeners and landscapers with some of the best and most reliable cultivars and species available today.  These are plants repeatedly used by garden designers, with proven garden merit which sit comfortably within a contemporary palette.

Ornamental planting design is more sophisticated now than it has ever been before.  Perhaps because of an increasing desire to live more sustainably, the current trend is predominantly a naturalistic one, with herbaceous perennials and grasses playing a key role.

Often the most successful planting designs are those that mimic natural plant communities – woodlands, meadows and prairies – they are the ecosystems that inspire contemporary gardeners and designers.


We’re delighted to invite you to visit Arvensis Perennials to choose plants, gain valuable planting inspiration, and discuss planting plans and combinations.

We are lucky to be situated in a beautiful and tranquil setting and we welcome the opportunity to show you around the nursery and to discuss your project.

Feel free to explore our polytunnels and stock beds for inspiration to help with your planting selections.  

NURSERY OPENING TIMES  –  The nursery is open Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.  If you would rather visit outside these hours just call us on 01225 867761 to arrange a time that suits you. 


Please contact us via email at info@arvensisperennials.co.uk, phone on 01225 867761, or through our contact form for our price list.

Ordering plants from us is easy.  Please just send us your plant list to info@arvensisperennials.co.uk and we will reply promptly with availability.  We can then deliver your order quickly, safely, and efficiently nationwide.  Orders are also available for collection from the nursery.  

If you would like to discuss your plant choices please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01225 867761.